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The First Announcement and Call for Papers PDF Print E-mail


We invite all experts in the field of Electricity Distribution to write papers in the area offered.

Deadline for application and abstract submission is January 15th, 2018.


At the page given above authors are registering and creating an account which they will use to submit both abstract and the final paper.


Abstract should be submitted in Serbian and English language in the following format:

•    Title of paper and short summary of maximum 300 to 400 words, not more than one page A4, without commercial aspects
•    For every author and co-authors - first name and surname, address, telephone, fax and e-mail should be provided

Final version of paper should be written and submitted in Serbian language, while English version is voluntary.
Deadline for submission of full paper is April 16th, 2018.


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Izveštaj sa kolokvijuma 2017 PDF Print E-mail
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U Privrednoj komori Srbije 15.11.2017. održan je STRUČNI SKUP O PLANIRANjU RAZVOJA ELEKTRODISTRIBUTIVNIH MREŽA u organizaciji Srpskog nacionalnog komiteta CIRED.

Ova tema izazvala je veliko interesovanje, tako da je sala u Privrednoj komori bila prepuna (221 registrovan učesnik).

Učesnici su imali priliku da se detaljnije upoznaju sa tematikom, procesima i metodologijama planiranja razvoja elektrodistributivnih mreža, tehnologijama distributivnih generatora i opasnostima koje izazivaju klimatske promene.


Vrlo uspešno su održana tri izuzetna predavanja:

Dr Zoran Simendić, predsednik CIRED Srbija, je najavio 11. Savetovanje o elektrodistributivnim mrežama Srbije koje će se održati od 24. do 28. septembra 2018. godine na Kopaoniku .


Najavu ovog skupa, od strane dugogodišnjeg člana Izvršnog odbora Nacionalnog komiteta CIRED Srbija, Slobodana Kujovića, na televiziji Kopernikus možete pogledati na sledećem linku: gostovanje na S.Kujovića TV Kopernikus


Fotografije sa kolokvijuma možete pogledati na sledećem linku: Kolokvijum 2017


Celebration of the 20th anniversary of CIRED Serbia PDF Print E-mail
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On October 12, 2017, in the Hotel "Norcev" in Fruska Gora, at the place where the JUKO CIRED Founder Assembly was held, we celebrated 20 years of the National Committee CIRED Serbia.


This ceremony was attended by a large number of officials who, over the past years, significantly contributed to this advising becoming one of the important events in the field of electric power distribution networks, not only in our country, but also in the region.


Once again, we want to thank everyone for that.


Photos from the celebration can be viewed and downloaded on the following link:


Golden Sponsors of XI Conference:

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